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четвртак, 28. јун 2012.

Letnji hit: "We Are Anonymous"

Matori analogni pankeri Dårligt Selskab su izbacili video za letnji hit posvećen all-ages digitalnoj genetaciji. Pesma se zove "We Are Anonymous", idemo do daske!


We are anonymous
We're no-one, are you one of us?

We are anonymous
Thought you caught up? Look again, you got none of us!

We're the kid who you bullied in school
We're the odd old man that you took for a fool

Government cover up & Corperate lies
We'll blow your pesky covers; delete your alibies
Got no oposition? We'll play ball!
-A thousand crazy hackers coming through your firewall!

We're the girl that you see right trough
We're the guy in the suit who looks like you

We're on to you, got you by the root
Shut us down, we just reboot


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